UB1 offers a wide range of logistics service in Western and Central Ukraine.

Having a convenient location infrastructure (50 800 m² of warehouse premises in 10 regions of Western and central Ukraine) guarantees a quick product reception from the manufacturer, proper storage, qualitative assembly and on-time delivery of the goods to a client.

A specialized programming product TMS MapXPlus is responsible for the formation of delivery routes, tracking them in real time and comparing target figures with factual ones.

The biggest logistics center of UB1 is in Western Ukraine.

The area of ‘A+’ class complex of warehouse premises is 40 000 m², including a system of dry storage with various temperature modes. 11000 m² of total area are occupied by air conditioned (+15 to +21), cool warehouse premises (0 to +8), freezers and deep freezers.

Using WMS Qguar allows us to track locations and movements of products in the warehouse online, ship them to their consignment and expiry dates.

The quality of UB1 service was proven by auditing our international and Ukrainian clients and is kept up at a high level due to the standardized operative procedures, detailed working instructions, a system of key performance indicators (KPI) and confidentiality system.

All these things above allow us to build on mutually beneficial conditions efficient and long-term cooperation with our partners.

Every day:

175 vehicles UB1 deliver over

200 tons of goods, serving

6 900 points of sale.