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Blyzenko – a chain of food stores that works in a format ‘a shop close to your home’. There are 60 stores in Lviv at the moment offering a great range of qualitative products and professional service.

On our trading platforms (100-250m2) Blyzenko gives customers an opportunity to buy necessary food and non-food products in a quick and comfortable way.


The basis for brand Blyzenko is the aspiration to build rapport and trust between Customers, Employees and Suppliers. As a result, more than 17% of households choose Blyzenko for day to day purchases, there are more than 1064 work positions and over 150 Suppliers are our reliable partners.

145 Blyzenko stores in Lviv

20% of all transactions in shops of Lviv was committed in Blyzenko according to Nielsen

200 new workplaces annually